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    Venom, Spider-Man & Daredevil poster 
    By Jim Craig (1992)

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    Venom by Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin

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  3. Daredevil #2 // Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez 

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    From the video I reblogged a little bit ago.

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    like fuck this place for real tho. I walk in and a lady gets stabbed. I walk around more and some dude drags me into a haunted house and makes me kill him. I walk around more and my new buddy is murdered by the guards that are now trying to arrest me. fuck this place. Im not about this life.

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    Niggas have a dinner table in Paris

    A dinner table at night (1884), John Singer Sargent / Niggas in Paris, Kanye West & Jay-Z

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  12. So I went to the Louvre today… They were worried I would spontaneously start walking on water

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    McQuarrie Monday - An early concept of our band of heroes.

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    This is important

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